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The Law Office of Ashouri Derakhshan & Associates is a  Los Angeles law firm focusing on a variety of practice areas including Estate Planning, Probate, Immigration, Incorporation, Property Management and Personal Injury.  Our attorneys bring a diversity of experience and expertise in solving clients' problems.  We work very hard to provide each client with practical solutions by considering all appropriate and innovative options.

We respect the unique concerns and needs of each and every client, regardless of circumstances or complexity.  We apply our comprehensive knowledge of the law to address the personal needs of each client.  We further provide our clients with a range of additional services, including Spanish and Farsi speaking interpreters and notary services. 

What makes the Law Office of Ashouri Derakhshan & Associates different is our passion for helping our clients.  Our goal is for our clients to feel comfortable  and confident in what we do.  We take genuine interest in the needs and problems of each client, and take great pride in the quality of service and personal attention we provide. We are driven by a commitment to personalized service and professional integrity in handling our clients' legal affairs.

Our focus is on providing our clients with quality legal representation.  This means working closely with you to develop solid strategies for resolving your legal concerns in a cost efficient and effective manner. Please take the time to learn more about us through the pages of our web site.  If you are in need of our assistance, feel free to contact us at (323) 782-9494 or (424) 273-4553.    
  1. Attorney at Law
    Payam Derakhshan, Esq.
  2. Attorney at Law
    Saba Ashouri, Esq.
Payam Derakhshan attained his Juris Doctorate from Chapman University School of Law in 1998.  He is also attained a Canadian law degree from the University of Ottawa.  He received his Bachelor of Arts degree from University of Toronto, with Majors in Economics and Political Science, and a Minor in Philosophy.  While attending law school, he participated in Moot Court and represented his University in regional and national legal competitions.

Currently in conjuction with his law practice, Mr. Derakhshan hosts an informative legal radio program, and  participates as a key speaker at numerous seminars. 
Saba Ashouri attained her Juris Doctorate from Southwestern University School of Law in 1995.  As an undergraduate, she received her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in 1991.  While attending law school, Saba completed a judicial externship, working closely with the Honorable Richard E. Denner, Supervising  Judge at the Los Angeles Superior Court. 

Throughout her legal career, Saba has worked as an Insurance Defense Attorney representing inusrance companies in a variety of personal injury actions, and later as a Plaintiffs' Personal Injury Attorney at the Law Office of Ashouri Derakhshan & Associates.  Currently Saba represents clients injured in car accidents, motorcycle accidents, wrongful death actions, slip and fall accidents, and dog bite cases.

Saba is fluent in both English and Farsi.  Our office also provides Spanish speaking interpreters.